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Setting: Aztshuktha's original setting is an original Pathfinder (D&D) game set off the northern coast of a continent surrounded by a number of large islands. He's also been rewritten for the Eyuin world, and fits well into practically any high-fantasy setting.

Brief History: Short for Azto-Tshukshtha, Azthsuktha was raised among orcs by his father, Gaktok-Garakush, chieftan of the Storm-Blood Tribe, who had aspirations of establishing an orcish empire; his mother was a human noblewoman who had been taken captive in a raid, and who died in childbirth. A somewhat small (by orcish standards) and introspective boy, Aztshuktha earned the respect of his peers through cunning and ferocity, but was as a young raid-leader, was himself taken captive by slavers from the mage-empire of Zalam, collecting orcs for fodder in a gladiatorial pagent. He survived, becoming a rising star of the arena and an excellent tactician, and eventually escaped; however, when Zalam's aggression spilled over into war all across the Central Sea, he led a highly trained task force that investigated and defused Zalamite plots in the allied nations, and then brought the war to Zalam's doorstep.

Age: 18 at time of escape from the arena, 20 at end of Zalamite War
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 290lbs
Nationality: Aradain
Build: Huge, wall of muscle
Voice Actor: Brad Garrett

Notes: Aztshuktha can be AU'd from pretty much any point in his personal history, usually sometime between his escape from the Zalamite arena and the end of the Zalamite War.


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