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Apr. 6th, 2015 05:41 am
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Setting: Aztshuktha's original setting is an original Pathfinder (D&D) game set off the northern coast of a continent surrounded by a number of large islands. He's also been rewritten for the Eyuin world, and fits well into practically any high-fantasy setting.

Brief History: Short for Azto-Tshukshtha, Azthsuktha was raised among orcs by his father, Gaktok-Garakush, chieftan of the Storm-Blood Tribe, who had aspirations of establishing an orcish empire; his mother was a human noblewoman who had been taken captive in a raid, and who died in childbirth. A somewhat small (by orcish standards) and introspective boy, Aztshuktha earned the respect of his peers through cunning and ferocity, but was as a young raid-leader, was himself taken captive by slavers from the mage-empire of Zalam, collecting orcs for fodder in a gladiatorial pagent. He survived, becoming a rising star of the arena and an excellent tactician, and eventually escaped; however, when Zalam's aggression spilled over into war all across the Central Sea, he led a highly trained task force that investigated and defused Zalamite plots in the allied nations, and then brought the war to Zalam's doorstep.

Age: 18 at time of escape from the arena, 20 at end of Zalamite War
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 290lbs
Nationality: Aradain
Build: Huge, wall of muscle
Voice Actor: Brad Garrett

Notes: Aztshuktha can be AU'd from pretty much any point in his personal history, usually sometime between his escape from the Zalamite arena and the end of the Zalamite War.
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Aztshuktha has three main abilities (including item abilities) worth mentioning here:

1. Aztshuktha is very strong. Let me know if you don't want that strength turned on your character, since he can be a bit casual about using it when he deems it necessary.

2. Aztshuktha can break through spells, especially when using his polearm, Ghazhukosh. In his original game, this worked as a special Fighter ability to use Dispel Magic on a successful attack roll, a few times per day. As such it should work on spells susceptible to Dispel Magic type effects (mostly temporary enchantments, or spells with relatively long casting times, although permanent enchantments might be temporarily weakened/deactivated), but would not work on quasi-magical abilities (e.g. dragon's breath, elementals' powers over their native elements), or epic-tier magic, of course. Let me know if there are particular spells (or all spells) you don't want him to be able to break.

3. Ghazhukosh's blade radiates a searing white light when it touches someone deeply evil. If you think this applies to your character (it's less a "has a bad attitude" thing and more like "raises the dead to besiege the living in the name of conquest" or "literally made of evil") but don't want it to happen, let me know.

Also feel free to ask questions or discuss in advance how things would interact!
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Aztshuktha comes with a number of content/trigger warnings, including:
1. War, serious injury, and potentially extreme violence including torture;
2. Extreme neglect and cruelty on the part of his father, including the rape of Aztshuktha's mother, of which he was the product;
3. Parental death (his mother's, short after his birth);
4. Fantasy racism (mostly between humans and orcs, but may include unflattering terms for elves, or others);
5. Very harsh language, including threats, swearing, and vivid description of body parts, excretions, and so on (will sometimes be in his setting's orcish, with mouseover translations).

If you don't want those things to come up, or don't want to be tagged by him at all, please comment below!
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Name: Paul/Exacerangutan
Preferred Pronoun: He
Contact: [plurk.com profile] exacerangutan

Name: Azto-Tshukshtha tshok Gaktok-Garakushak, shorthanded as Aztshuktha among non-orcs.
Canon: tabletop game (Pathfinder)

Permissions post link: HERE

Opt-out post link: HERE

Age: 21

Gender/Sex: Male

Appearance: Aztshuktha stands 6'11" with a broad frame, with blood (at least human blood) red skin, steel-gray eyes, and black hair worn in multiple long braids in the manner of dreadlocks. Although you might say he's relatively pretty for a half-orc, it still makes him a walking brick, by human standards; his most orcish features besides his skin tone are his somewhat pointed ears and his heavy brow and generally blocky features. As a pile of muscles, scars, and features with the aesthetics of a rocky crag, he's probably only physically appealing to Klingons and mountaineers with bodybuilding fetishes. His voice is a low bass that either rumbles or thunders, and his most common expressions are gruff scowl or a fierce grin.

History: Aztshuktha was born to the orcish chieftan Gaktok-Garakush, and a human paladin claimed as spoils of war following raids against human settlements colonizing orcish territory. His mother died not long after his birth due to complications and mediocre treatment. He was raised to be a leader, intended to succeed his father and continue Gaktok-Garakush's ambition to form the first orcish empire, but his second time leading a raiding party, he was captured by slavers from the Mage Empire of Zalam, and thrown in the arena as a gladiator. Through stubbornness and tactical acumen, he survived long enough to gain a reputation and enough value to make demands as a star of the arena--and he demanded to learn about his mother. When he did, it only further fueled his desire to put his martial prowess to better use, and he escaped Zalam to the more liberal northern human kingdoms, eventually joining a small band of monster-hunters-for-hire. Through a series of missions, they uncovered a widespread Zalamite death-cult and a plot to use the dead of other nations as a first-strike in a war of conquest. Already embroiled in the affair, the group became operatives of the international peacekeeping group called the Sentinels, and when war broke out, they served as an elite strike force to undermine Zalam's cult and help defend the north from Zalam's army of undead and monsters. Aztshuktha acted as the group's de facto leader and tactician, leading their elite strike force to crush the Zalamite war machine and eventually the Mage-Emperor.

Personality: Aztshuktha's worldview is a messy blend of orcish and liberal human ideals. He doesn't flinch from doing violence--even terrible, brutal violence--and breaking rules when he feels it's necessary for the greater good. As he argued to a paladin comrade, he would gladly torture every Zalamite officer they met himself, if it meant an end to the war and safety for the civilian population and the soldiers who followed them. He sees justice and kindness as priceless, but accepts the world as brutal and remorselessly awful, and always emphasizes practicality and reality over principles and ideals. His sense of humor is informed by growing up among orcs and gladiators, and tends to be extremely coarse; he has a penchant for bellowing insults and gruesome threats in during battle, often in orcish. However, with (at least relative) innocents and otherwise fragile people, he can be extremely delicate and even fiercely protective, with all the implied brutality toward anyone who threatens to harm them.

Martial Expertise: Aztshuktha is a gifted tactician, a talent he often exploits to the utmost by putting on a Big Dumb Orc Act and goading the enemy into underestimating him. He honed this talent in the arena, where he also became a brutally efficient armed and unarmed fighter, building on his natural size and extraordinary toughness and strength. He particularly excels at tripping and throwing techniques, armed and unarmed. Given his upbringing, he's also comfortable getting by in the wilderness, although he's no professional Ranger, and during the war he learned quite a bit about the the workings of magic and military engineering.
Physical Potency: Aztshuktha has the brute strength to lift a war horse over his head, and between his stubbornness and physical endurance, he can shrug off punishment that would stagger a typical human; wooden clubs would probably break on him long before they incapacitate him, but he's by no means immune to more serious weapons. Weapons such as swords, axes, bows, particular enchanted ones, as well as other severe environmental hazards will still hurt him, if somewhat less, and many magic attacks completely bypass this brute toughness.
Intimidating Presence: Between his sheer size, his wits, and his demeanor, Aztshuktha has mastered he art of scaring the crap out of people or egging them on to focus their attention entirely on him. This has led to personally demoralizing enemy platoons with displays of ferocity, and drawing fire to provide openings for less resilient allies.
Spellbreaking: As the team's focus shifted toward the war with Zalam, Aztshuktha increasingly specialized in fighting the Zalamite mages, and he mastered the art of interrupting spells, distracting casters, and even smashing through enchantments by force of will, particularly aided by his polearm Ghazhukosh, enchanted especially for spell-breaking. In his original game, this worked as a special Fighter ability to use Dispel Magic on a successful attack roll, a few times per day. As such it should work on spells susceptible to Dispel Magic type effects (mostly temporary enchantments, or spells with relatively long casting times, although permanent enchantments might be temporarily weakened/deactivated), but would not work on quasi-magical abilities (e.g. dragon's breath, elementals' powers over their native elements), or epic-tier magic, of course.

Inventory: Aztshuktha almost always keeps his polearm (technically a glaive-guisarme) Ghazhukosh near at hand, as well as a long sword as a spare weapon. Although he usually wears heavy plate armor to battle, along with other useful magical tools, he won't have all of those things with him. Ghazhukosh is enchanted to be disruptive to enchantments, enhancing the effectiveness of Aztshuktha's Spellbreaking, and the blade radiates a pure white searing light when it touches a being of deep-seated evil (just being a jerk is not enough, it takes being really quite evil), causing severe burns.

Also, a firestarter. And a bunch of twinkies.

Anything else: Aztshuktha conceals a secret fondness for fancy pastries.


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